We send you leads so that you can concentrate on landing your next client!

At Pixelsquare, we try and keep things simple by taking away all the fluffy marketing talk and concentrate on getting you qualified hot leads so that you can land your next sales. To do this, we work directly with you to identify your best possible clients and run marketing campaigns to attract these people and send them to you as leads.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Talk to us about your product and services as well as who your ideal client is and where they are
  • We build custom high converting funnels / landing pages to capture your target audience
  • You sit back and watch the qualified hot leads come in and concentrate on landing your next sale

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How buying leads can help your business

Having a lead generation campaign (if you buy leads online) will help boost your business in a number of ways including:

  • Receiving a constant flow of pre-qualified and interested leads to fill up your sales pipeline
  • Supplement your existing marketing efforts with potential clients outside of your marketing reach
  • Training new sales staff with high quality leads or rewarding high performing staff with easy sales calls
  • Giving a cold calling telemarketing team some leads which will convert at a higher rate boosting morale.


We are slightly different to other marketing agencies in the sense that we charge on results. What that means is that you only pay us when you send you a qualified lead which means that if we can't deliver, we don't get paid. Simply put, you buy leads online from us.

We are also well versed in scaling in industries which are extremely competitive and expensive to market in. This includes the finance industry (insurance, home loans, commercial loans, debt, car loans, personal loans) as well as professional services and product based services.

As long as you have a need for quality leads at a high volume, we'll be able to help grow your business.

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Our lead generation methodology

With decades of experience in digital marketing, we have come to the realisation that less is more and that speed to marketing with a constant trial and error system works best. With this in mind we have come up with the below systematic methodology to run lead generation campaigns which deliver the best quality leads at the highest volume for our clients.

1. Client Discovery Phase

  • - Understanding of Product and Service
  • - Target Audience Deep Dive
  • - Competitive Analysis
  • - Market Understanding

2. Funnel Creation

  • - Landing page creation
  • - Form gamification
  • - A/B and Multivariate system
  • - Data & Analytics

3. Traffic Generation

  • - Social media campaigns
  • - Search campaigns
  • - Content generation
  • - Partnerships

4. Lead automation

  • - API generation
  • - CRM optimisation
  • - Lead reporting
  • - Lead nurtuning

5. Test & Learn

  • - Consversion optimisation
  • - Daily analytics monitoring
  • - Client feedback fannel

With each step of our methodology designed to maximise the result for our clients, it's no wonder the highest performing brands choose Pixelsquare as their foremost lead generation agency.